My mpg went from avg 29/30 mpg to 33 mpg since adding the PP7 additives in my 2012 Ford Focus. Looking forward to getting the transmission additive installed at the next oil change. 


Patrick V.

Tampa, Florida

I purchased the Petron Plus Engine Conditioner product for my truck the results were fantastic! After adding to my RAM 5.7 V8 Hemi, my miles per gallon increased from 12.2 to 16.1! I am a firm believer and now recommend Petron to all.

Steve Curran

Designer / Builder, Curran Custom Creations

This product has been great! Since switching from fluid film to your biodegradable Winterizor coating we have experienced better coverage, superior adhesion which has created less waste and mess. After washing the trucks several times, the product has shown no signs of wearing off.
Joe Tillman

Public Works Superintendant, Town of Ledyard, Connecticut

I never got better than 37MPG HWY over 70, after taking the Petron Challenge the results have been truly amazing! My highway fuel efficiency at 70 mph is up by 8 MPG

This upgrade is available and affordable to anyone. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share these amazing products will all!

Mike Reeves

Radio Personality, 99.9 WXJB FM

My sister treated her 2007 Toyota Camry that has 181k miles on it with Petron. She and her husband took the car up to Georgia for a week. Then on to Nashville for their son’s wedding. On their trip back, to FL, in an overloaded car, they noted an increase in MPG from 28 to 32.

Doug Q.

Tampa, Florida

I decided to take the Petron Challenge for my car which is a V8. I am in the service business and the team at PP7 Global is top-notch. The results of their efforts are amazing, the Petron products boosted my fuel efficiency dramatically. 

Ronald Sussman

President, RS Parking and Valet Systems