6 oz Engine Conditioner


The 6 oz size of our Petron Plus™ Engine Conditioner is designed for use at every oil change. It provides maximum protection against wear, rust, & corrosion, This product is formulated for gasoline engines with the highest quality petroleum base stocks and fortified with Petron Plus Formula 7 additive. Guaranteed to Gain 1 MPG+ Right Away. Improves Mileage and Performance, Increases Torque and Horsepower.

Benefits include:
Increased Horsepower
Increased Fuel Economy
Reduced Operating Temperature

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Formulated to… • Improve Mileage and Performance • Improve Torque & Horsepower • Keeps Engines Cleaner • Reduce Engine Wear • Lower Operating Temperature • Reduce Oil Consumption • Condition Seals • Protect against acid and corrosion • Quiet noisy engines • Quicker cold weather starts Directions: Start vehicle and let idle until engine reaches normal operating temperature. Add 6 ounces to the crankcase for every 5 quarts of oil. Drive vehicle for 15-20 minutes or allow to idle for 30 minutes. Add 1 bottle every oil change

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