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FBI Product Test


This test was performed by the FBI using an H&K MP5, 9mm sub-machinegun. This firearm has a very high rate of fire, around 800 rounds per minute. This can lead to lubrication failure, which causes these guns heat up and jam. The test was to see if there was a TD (time differential) that could be recorded.


Competition Firearm Lube

The firearm was thoroughly cleaned and degreased, and dried before applying a coating of (national brand omitted for privacy) firearm lube. They fired a total of five (5) 30 round magazines to test lubricant. These tests averaged a TD of 2.8 seconds. Then they loaded another magazine and the gun jammed with 11 rounds left in the magazine.


Petron Firearm Lube

Preparation and cleaning steps were repeated. The MP-5 was lubed with Petron Plus and allowed to “cure” for 20 minutes. The first magazine timed in at 1.9 seconds. After firing the other four magazines with Petron in the MP-5, the average TD was 1.13 seconds. This is equivalent to 300 rounds more per minute. We fired a total of 250 rounds through the MP-5 and could not get it to slow or jam.


The results are clear, Petron Plus is the superior gun lube. Keep your weapons running clean; use Petron Plus !