Petron Plus™ Formula 7 products are an innovation in specialty chemicals and lubricants. The original product was formulated in 1978. The first years of the products and company’s existence were spent on conducting extensive research, product development, market testing and pursuing patent protection.

In 1985, Petron Plus™ Formula 7 products along with the technological manufacturing process were patented. Today, the original formula along with some improvements to the original technology, Petron Plus™ has developed and added many new formulations. The result has evolved into over 450 products, with over 1,450 sku’s (part numbers).

Early sales for Petron Plus™ Formula 7 products were mainly to aftermarket auto parts stores, primarily because of a limited product line that was available at that time. The company however, recognizing that the technology they had developed was applicable to any machinery that used lubrication, moved forward and poured their resources into research and development of products that could be used in industrial applications.

This strategy has proven successful from the outset. Sales accelerated rapidly with the industrial market immediately recognizing the need for Petron Plus’s extreme pressure properties, anti-rust, anti-oxidation benefits in an environmentally safe configuration. 

Petron Plus™ Formula 7 products are routinely tested at an internationally recognized independent laboratory in San Antonio, Texas. They have been carefully and extensively field-tested. The results clearly demonstrate Petron Plus™ Formula 7 products to be far superior in extreme pressure properties and antifriction capabilities compared to any other petroleum or synthetic based product, without evident negative side effects. 

We at Petron Plus™ Global, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our superior lubrication technology that the Petron PlusTM Formula 7 Products have to offer.

We hope that you have found this information helpful and look forward to sharing the exciting benefits that our products have to offer you!

Harry Williams

Harry Williams

Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

Key Functional Areas Covered:

Results-driven marketing leader, innovator and speaker in the lubricants industry. Oversees the company’s sales, business development and marketing functions, comprising the promotion, development and execution of programs that leverage the full Petron Plus 7 Global value proposition to the benefit of our customers.

Past positions, successes, and achievements:
CEO/Owner/Mechanic – Harry’s Busted Knuckle Garage, LLC
CEO/Owner – Megalift Technologies, LLC
Partner/MGRM – Williams & Williams Holdings Company, LLC
CEO/Owner – Creative Concepts in Construction, Inc.
Vice President/MGRM – SteelTime Truss Companies, Inc. – Pasco County Small
Business of the year Award – September 4, 2002
30 years of business success

Educational background:

25 years State Licensed Florida General Contractor
25 State Licensed Florida Commercial Roofing Contractor
ASE Certified Mechanic

Gary G. Clark

Gary G. Clark


Gary started Petron Plus™ Global, Inc. (PPGI) then called MTM, Inc. in 1978 and the three (4) sales subsequent companies followed; Petronomics®Manufacturing Group, Inc., Petronomics® Industrial Products group, Inc., Petron Plus Automotive Group, Inc., and Petron Plus International, Inc. Today everything is under Petron Plus Global, Inc. He holds the patent, patents pending, and formulas on the company products.

In 1978 to present Gary has been with PPGI as President. Today PPGI has over 450 products with over 1,450 sku’s or part numbers that its manufactures and distributes worldwide. He is an innovator in specialty chemicals and lubricants based on a desire to provide unique, tailor-made products for the automotive aftermarket, professional racers, and the industrial market. It was this desire and a strong interest in racing, combined with many years of experience in manufacturing and marketing, that inspired him to form a company capable of providing superior quality lubricants that would solve specific problems in race engines as well as industrial applications. It was his wish to develop products that would provide superior anti-wear and extreme-pressure properties, corrosion protection, operating temperatures, better fuel mileage, smoother, quieter running engines, and improve horsepower, as well as drop the amperage’s draw on electric motors that drive large industrial gear-boxes and hydraulic pumps. One of the advantages of starting a new company was the opportunity for a fresh start using the latest formulation technology available. PPGI took full advantage of the situation. His experience with existing products lines, gave him the insight needed to correct problem areas, and improve upon existing technology.